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Adult and Child Behavioral Intervention  

The midlife transition is a natural stage that usually occurs between the ages of 40 and 60.  The definition stems from much of the early work of Carl Jung.  Midlife can raise issues such as:

  • Unhappiness with the lifestyle that we have created. Creating positive steps to change.
  • Questioning the meaning of life and what is important to us as we evolve.
  • Feeling the need to do something completely  "new" or "different" as we search for fulfillment and peace.
  • Discontent with the way our bodies, habits, and overall lives are progressing.
  • Confusion over how to balance the ever-changing needs of self, family and kids.

Many of my clients notice that with an integrative positive approach to training, coaching and increased self awareness, issues they’ve dealt with for many years – in some cases, the majority of their lives – are finally resolved. Some of the benefits you may enjoy include:

  •     Improved "positive" outlook on how your body ages
  •     Release from long-held emotional or mental blocks/habits
  •     Relief from physical symptoms, complaining and negative moods
  •     Higher self-esteem, confidence, self worth, and sense of purpose
  •     Seek freedom from  unproductive habits
  •     The power to change your life and relationships for the better
  •     Noticeable results in personal growth and self-improvement
  •     Adopting a more consistent “Positive” attitude!


First and foremost, I believe in doing no harm. I operate under the premise that you are your own physical and spiritual healer, and answers are found within you, if you are willing to be open and search within yourself to identify and rekindle your "childlike" passions for life, growth and passionate change. My role is to promote safe, effective fitness and lifestyle coaching designed to bring these answers to the surface. In essence, you hold the cure, and I act as a facilitator.

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I believe in a customized approach that treats each client according to his or her specific needs. During your first sessions, We will perform a thorough analysis to uncover relevant information, passions and feelings about your goals,health and overall life history. Once the targeted evaluation is complete, we can begin an approach best suited for your particular needs. Together, we continuously evaluate as we go, making changes as needed, to maximize the benefits for you.

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